What to Wear for your Headshot Session

August 4, 2023
What to Wear for your Headshot Photo Session

Deciding what to wear for your headshot session? It can be a challenge! Our head photographer, Jennifer, shares some tips that she’s gathered during the more than 10 years she’s been photographing portraits. (Keep in mind, though, there are no hard and fast rules!)

Jenn’s top suggestion on what to wear:
Bring a variety of outfits so you have options. You’ll know if your outfit works great for your headshot when you see what it looks like in your picture!

Outfit tips for your headshot session:

  1. Solid colors are usually best. Stay away from loud patterns, plaids, and large logos.
  2. Wear colors that make you feel great and look good with your brand, but keep in mind that super bright colors can reflect on your skin and distract from your expression. If you feel totally lost, my top three color suggestions are deep purple, navy blue, or gray (light or charcoal).
  3. Consider necklines. Necklines are emphasized in your headshot. A V-neck gives a nice look of length; boat or crew necks work great too. Turtlenecks tend to shorten the appearance of your neck. If wearing a collared shirt, be sure that it sits around your neck without hugging it and causing bulging.
  4. Consider sleeve length. If you love your arms, tank tops can work nicely; however, long sleeves usually end up being the favorite look. Have a tank that you love, but don’t want your arms to show? Add a lightweight tailored jacket for a polished look.
  5. Consider the fit. Fitted, tailored clothing works best. Loose or baggy tops are usually not flattering in photos.
  6. Suit Jackets are great If you typically wear them to work. But, you do not need to wear a jacket to look professional. We can always try some photos with and some without.
  7. Make sure your outfits are neatly pressed and lint-free. We have an iron and lint roller in the studio for touch-ups, but we’ll have more time for pictures if your outfits are prepared ahead. If you are wearing a shirt that wrinkles, put it on after you get here so your seatbelt doesn’t wrinkle it on the way.

Wear what makes you feel great, matches your personality, and works for your position / industry. If you feel good, that goes a long way to looking good!

What else you should consider bringing:

  1. An undershirt or camisole that has a no-show neckline.
  2. Be sure to remember a strapless bra if you have a tank top or strapless dress.
  3. Bottoms. It is likely we won’t see your lower half in your headshots, but be sure to bring matching pants/skirt in case you want to try some full- or three-quarter-length shots.
  4. Accessories that coordinate with your outfits:
    1. Jewelry (bring options!)
    2. Ties (and know how to tie it well! A Pratt knot is a great choice.)
    3. Glasses if you typically wear them (it’s ideal if they have a non-glare coating)

Have some fun with your outfits & accessories! Do you have an awesome hat? What about a great leather jacket or scarf you love? Bring something that is unique to you and we might be able to fit it in and create something really cool!

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