What to Wear for a Headshot (and When to Break the Rules)

May 27, 2022
What to Wear for a Business Headshot (and when to break the rules)

We are often asked what to wear for a headshot or portrait, and we’ve blogged about the topic in the past.

Don’t wear something that will take attention from your face

The most commonly given tips for “what to wear” for a business headshot include variations on the theme of “Don’t wear something that will be distracting.” We usually advise folks to wear neutral, muted colors and simple jewelry. Elaborate sleeves on dresses, chunky statement necklaces, and large patterns are all elements we usually suggest saving for in-person meetings.

But sometimes you need to break the rules.

When is it okay to really go for that leopard print sweater, those dangly earrings, or that plaid suit?

Part of what goes into making a genuine headshot, one that allows you not only to show up as a professional but to show up authentically as YOU, is expressing your personality. This could simply be through your posing and expression—choosing a headshot that shows your friendliness and approachability, or one that shows your serious attention to detail. It could also be through allowing your personality to shine through in your clothing choices.

Are animal prints your trademark? Rock it! We usually suggest bringing several outfits to a headshot session, and including something crazy but typical for you as an option is a great idea. As you select your photos at the end of the shoot, you might decide that the general rule is probably right and the bright color completely distracts from your face—or you might find it gives exactly the look you are going for!

Photo by Berks Headshots of a businesswoman wearing black in front of wooden doors.
What to wear for a headshot: a businesswoman wearing statement necklace and bold colors.
Patricia demonstrates how what to wear for a headshot is really up to you and your brand!

If you’re unsure about what to wear for a headshot session, we can help you decide! You can bring several outfits to your session, and our photographer will walk you through outfit & background changes, and help you in selecting images that communicate the authentic you—or schedule a phone consultation ahead of your appointment. Contact us today!

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