I got my new headshot: now what?

August 11, 2023
Two women wearing black smiling at the camera, title: I got my new headshot; now what?

You already know that making and maintaining a human connection is important to your business. You got a shiny new updated headshot because you know potential clients are more likely to do business with you than with your impersonal corporate competitor. Current clients are more likely to keep you top of mind when they see your face attached to your words. But after you update your LinkedIn profile photo, where else can you use your new headshot?

The team at Kunkle Consulting was recently in our studio getting their headshots updated, and their website is a great example of how to use your headshots (and the advantages of having several images to use!).

Introducing your team members on your website is a great way to build trust with potential clients. Instead of just selling what you can do for people, explain who you and your team are. An introduction with a personal feel goes a long way toward making a client feel comfortable with you and your team.

Use your headshot on your website to introduce yourself.
Colleen and her team use their headshots throughout their website.
Kunkle Consulting's team headshot.
Team photo of business women on a grey background.
Use your headshot in your website's team bios.
LinkedIn isn't the only place to introduce yourself.

Showing your face on your website is just one great way to use your headshot to let your customers get to know you. Need an fresh photo before you put your face out there? Or maybe you’ve added a team member and need a headshot update for the whole team. Reserve your date for a session with Berks Headshots!

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