Update Your Family Portraits before the Kids Go Back to School!

July 21, 2023
Update Your Family Portrait before the kids go back to school!

Berks Headshots, as the name suggests, primarily focuses on business-related photography. We shoot headshots for individuals as well as business teams. Did you know that we’ve been in the portrait photography business for over a decade? We started out shooting mostly weddings, families, and newborns, and we still love being able to occasionally help people tell their family stories through family portraits.

We love supporting our business clients in their professional endeavors, and also helping capture memories on a personal level when the occasion arises. We believe that you can both “win at work and succeed at life,” as Michael Hyatt says. So, when headshot clients ask to come back with their family, we are happy to help!

Bringing our clients’ family photos into their everyday lives with quality printed products is one of the ways we help foster that family connection that is so important. It could be as simple as showing your pride in your kids with their photos on the wall of your home or your desk in your office.

Family portraits on the Berks Headshots portrait pathway
Family portraits on the Berks Headshots portrait pathway

Berks Headshots is happy to announce that we are opening our booking calendar for a limited number of portraits sessions! These sessions take place either on our outdoor portrait pathway or in our studio with your choice of modern backdrop.

Now is a great time to book family portraits, before the kids go back to school! Contact us to book today!

Family portraits hanging over white couch.

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