Guide Client Expectations with an Industry-Appropriate Headshot

November 11, 2022
Guide client expectations with the right headshot

A professional headshot should complement your brand and industry, whether you are a business owner or an employee. Headshots give your potential clients signals about what to expect if they do business with you. You can guide expectations by the way you present yourself from the very first impression: your online profile photo or website bio.

Kyle came to Berks Headshots earlier this year for an updated headshot that would better represent his new career. Kyle used to be a college basketball coach, and he had a headshot that was great for that. But transitioning to a job in real estate, using his photo with a Nike sports shirt didn’t quite show his professionalism.

Your photo needs to tell not just your story, but the right story.

Headshot photographer Brian DeSimone

What are you saying with your clothes?

Think about what you generally wear to work—if it’s not appropriate to wear a t-shirt in your office or industry, wearing one for your professional profile photo may not look as “approachable” as it does “unprofessional.” Likewise, if you are trying to relate to college applicants and you are pictured in a three-piece suit, your image might create an unapproachable vibe before you even get a chance to meet with students and show off your magical personality.

When in doubt, dress like your boss! Picture a leader in your industry. How your superiors dress is a good indication of what you should wear to ensure the image you convey will guide client expectations the way you intend.

Kyle’s coaching headshot is friendly and approachable similar to his new headshot, but his new photo showcases his professional demeanor.

Kyle's headshot, before in his old job and after in his new career.

What are you saying with your pose & expression?

Does your photo fit the characteristics you are trying to express? The way your shoulders are turned, the level of smiling or seriousness, and other factors in your pose and facial expression are all factors that contribute. A customer service specialist wants to guide client expectations differently than a lawyer, a CFO, or an artisan. A good photographer will ask questions about your industry and your position. They will be able to coach you in posing and expression to tailor your photo to your needs.

Your headshot is a great tool to guide client expectations

If your profile image aligns with expectations of what your industry or brand offers, it creates trust. Potential clients need to believe you are capable of doing what you say you will do.

The experienced photographers at Berks Headshots have been posing and photographing people for over a decade. If you’re moving into a new industry or a new position within your industry, contact us to find out more about how we can help you convey the image you want!

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