Your no-hassle company headshot program

Company photo program


Your no-hassle company headshot program

take back your time

eliminate the hassle

make a great impression

Headshots for onboarding with matching backgrounds, lighting, and similar expressions to create a unified look for a company.

What is LINK?

LINK is Berks Headshots’ way of making all your headshots from now on both professional and painless (for you and for your staff!).

  • We create consistent photos that adhere to YOUR company guidelines 
  • We handle the scheduling so you don’t waste your time going back and forth with team members
  • We make sure the experience is a positive one and that your team members feel great about their photos
  • All you have to do is show off your team with professional, high-quality photos!
We handle everything. 

Whether your company has hundreds of staff members and is always hiring, or you’re a small business team that is starting to grow, the LINK program is a great solution.

We set up a custom booking page for your company. When you have a team member that needs a headshot, simply send them the link to the page. That’s it! They will schedule their headshot photo session with us on their own, and we’ll invoice your company after the session takes place and the image is selected.

Many companies start their relationship with us when they get headshots for a group, or a group composite photo, but this isn’t necessary. You can start now to make you headshots better & easier.

what you get

with LINK

ONE-CLICK updating headshots 

When an employee or new hire needs a headshot, send them the link to your company booking page—that’s it! We take care of the rest.


Discounted photo session fees

Save on every session!



We do all the work to make sure you maintain consistent background, lighting, clothing and expression over time, no matter how many people you send in.



Our sessions are relaxing and fun, and we guarantee a photo you and your employee are both happy with!






with your initial staff photoshoot!

LINK: great staff photos made easy!



Click below to begin your enrollment process. Have some questions? Let’s hop on a quick call so we can learn more about how we can meet your staff photography needs. Click here to schedule a consult. If you’d like to schedule a staff photoshoot and get your LINK admission for free, book here.



Once your enrollment is complete, we’ll send you the link to your company’s custom booking page. It will have all the info employees need for their photo session, including any company standards for dress. All you have to do is send the link to any employee who needs to come in to the studio for a headshot! We’ll handle the rest! 



You’ll get the fully retouched images in your inbox within 3 business days after the employee’s session takes place. You can be assured of high quality, consistent images that your staff love.