New Hire Headshots for Onboarding: How to Ensure They Match the Rest of Your Company Photos

January 12, 2024
New Hire Heasdshots for Onboarding: How to Ensure They Match the Rest of Your Company Photos

There’s a lot that goes into onboarding a new employee. Somewhere on that checklist should be making sure they get a new headshot that you can use on your website, company directory, and maybe their email signature or business cards. If you want that headshot to match your company’s brand—and you should!—there’s more to think about than just scheduling a photoshoot during the onboarding period.

How to Get New Hire Headshots that Match

You want your headshots for onboarding to blend in with those of your seasoned employees and convey a unified team. Here are a few things to keep in mind:

  • Use The Same Background
    All your company photos should look like they’ve been taken at the same place. That means the background should be identical in each headshot. Choose that background carefully so the colors are in line with your company branding. That way the photos will look good on your website and other marketing materials.
  • Use The Same Lighting
    In addition to keeping the background consistent, you should be sure that the lighting is the same across all headshots. You want the photos to look like they were taken on the same day, even if they were actually taken months or even years apart. When you choose Berks Headshots for all your corporate headshot needs, we’ll be sure to match the setup of your original photos each time you add a new employee.
  • Coach Employees on Preferred Facial Expression
    It’s human nature to judge people by the way they look. The very purpose of a corporate headshot is to put a face to someone who might otherwise just be known by their impersonal email address. Photos humanize employees and help generate trust with potential clients. But how someone is viewed can change depending on their facial expression. It’s up to you as a leader in your company to decide what message you’d like your employees to convey. For example, smiles typically make someone look trustworthy, while a more serious expression might exude confidence. Whatever trait you choose, it’s best if your employees all give off the same vibe to show that it’s consistent through the company.
  • Coach Employees on What to Wear
    If you really want your headshots to match, it’s not enough to just tell new hires to dress professionally. The colors your employees wear should coordinate, not clash with the background as well as look good with the company colors used on your website and marketing materials. The style of what they wear should also reflect both their role and the company’s vibe. The staff of a boho cafe might all wear flowy tops, while an attorney’s office might prefer that everyone wear a carefully pressed suit and tie. However you decide to represent your business, you want to avoid a situation where someone stands out because they’re clearly over- or under-dressed.

Berks Headshots LINK Program Makes Headshots for Onboarding a Breeze

If this seems like a lot to handle, don’t worry! Our LINK program takes this out of your hands so you can focus on everything else on your plate. We’ll put our professional headshot expertise to work for you. When your company signs up for LINK, we’ll set up a consultation call to help you decide on a perfect background, lighting, expression, and wardrobe. We’ll then create a custom booking site just for your company. You’ll simply share it with all new employees during onboarding.

We know you need headshots fast, so LINK members receive priority booking. When a new hire visits the site to select an appointment time, they’ll receive wardrobe suggestions and see samples of other headshots so they know exactly how to dress and what to expect. All you have to do is send out the link. We’ll take care of scheduling, preparing and coaching new hires for their photoshoot, and making sure all your headshots match from here on out.

Headshots for onboarding really can be that easy!

Berks Headshots provides in-studio and on-location headshot photos for teams of all sizes. If your staff needs an update, contact us to find out how we can help!

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