Do You Need a Professional Headshot? | LinkedIn Profile Pic Before & After

May 26, 2023

Do you really need a professional headshot? With everyone having a camera in their pocket, it’s sometimes hard to see the value in in paying someone else to take a photo that it feels like you could take just as well yourself.

Check out Amanda’s LinkedIn profile photos below. She got her headshot updated with a photo by a professional photographer. The difference is clear. The “before” photo was a good one in terms of expressing friendliness and approachability, and she chose a plain background and non-distracting clothing—all the right things for a DIY headshot! Unfortunately, the lighting gives her an orange cast. The close angle distorts her face as well.

Amanda’s updated headshot is a classic example of the advantages of professional equipment in a portrait. The lighting and the angle both give the photo a natural, true-to-life look. If you met Amanda in real life tomorrow, you would recognize her immediately.

Amanda changed her hair color, and she updated her headshot to reflect that.

Amanda's headshot on LinkedIn before and after her professional headshot session.

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