Headshot Session with Deb | It’s all in the Details

August 25, 2023
editing headshot photos example

Do you notice a gleam in Deb’s eye? It was a very special day when she walked into the studio for her headshot session. That very morning, her first grandchild was born! It was a happy and busy day for her, and it was my privilege to capture her in the midst of the joy.

Reviewing Headshot Photos

In our studio, we show all of our clients their photos immediately after taking them to make sure they have images they love. As we sat together looking at the images, I almost thought I could see a beaming grandmotherly gleam in her eyes 🙂 I also noticed another detail – the earring showing on one side.

Editing Headshot Photos

We both loved her expression in this photo, but as you can see below, her earring showed up nice and bright only on one side. On the side that had Deb’s hair pulled forward, the earring was so dark it was barely visible. Here’s where the magic of Photoshop comes in. I was able to brighten just that area of the photo to make here earring pop, adding balance to the image and framing her face. While it is a small detail, it added a nice touch that completed the image. See the before and after below.

Editing the Background

Deb recently started working for Bellco Federal Credit Union. We have done headshots for their team both at their location, and at our studio. As part of our LINK program, we give companies consistent photos of each team member, even when they are taken months apart! So the last step was to make Deb’s photo consistent with the other Bellco staff photos by editing the background. We matched the color of the background to the other staff members’ photos.

Final Background for the Headshot Photo

Here is the final photo! We wish Deb all the best in her new role at work and as a a grandmother!

(Session notes by Jennifer📸)

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