Hamburg Family Dental is Letting Potential Clients Get to Know Them with Dental Staff Photos

September 23, 2022
Dental Staff Photos Let Potential Clients Get to Know You

Dental appointments are a long-standing symbol of dreaded activities. Hamburg Family Dental is taking on this anxiety with their staff photos on their website. Rather than using the typical stock images of dentistry, they provide actual photos of their team and their space. Letting potential clients see their friendly dental staff photos is a great way to start setting people at ease right away.

Berks Headshots’ composite staff photo process made it easy for each team member to pick the photo of themselves they liked best. We then combine the individual images through digital post-processing to create a team photo that shows the best side of everyone, while still looking like a coherent team.

One of the doctors was unable to be there the day of the photoshoot—and that was fine! She came into our studio later at her convenience, and we added her into the dental staff photo. Our composite photo process allows adding and removing team members easily at any time.

Hamburg Family Dental staff photos show their friendliness and approachability.

What do you think? They look like they will make your dentistry experience less intimidating, right? You still may not be excited to finally get that cavity filled, but you can be reassured right from the start that you will be working with a kind, professional dental staff!

Does your team need staff photos? Interested in making the process as painless and simple as possible? Let us do the work for you to help your friendly staff put their best faces forward! Whether it is dental staff photos or HVAC technicians or financial advisors, our pre-shoot planning and professional posing guidance will ensure you get the team photo you are looking for.

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