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What is a group composite photo?

We take each person’s photo separately and combine them in photo editing software to create a group photo. There are a lot of advantages to this method!

Business Team Staff Photos at Berks Headshots

Composite photos mean everyone looks their best every time

Since everyone gets their photo taken on their own, each person can choose the photo they like best. No more team photos where that one person always has their eyes closed, or is looking away, or can’t be seen behind other team members!

Composite photos are super easy to schedule

No need to get everyone to the same place at the same time! Whether your team members come into our studio or we bring our professional set-up to your location, we will make sure everyone is sized and positioned realistically so it looks as if you were all really there together.

It’s easy to add and subtract members of your team in your group composite photo

No need to retake your team photo every time your team changes! Your new team member simply stops in at our studio at their convenience for an individual photo, and we take care of the rest!

Watch the video below to learn about composite group photos for business teams:

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