Want to Build Your Brand? Show Up Online Consistently

July 29, 2022
Berks County realtor uses professional headshot in her promo materials

You already know it’s important to show up online

If you’re here, online, reading this blog post, you probably already understand the importance of having an online presence. The amount of time people spend on digital activities has gone up over the years and continues to rise. A 2021 study showed that adults in the US spend an average of almost 8 hours on digital activities—with 3 hours of that time being on smartphones. đź‘‹This is where we are! You know that your best chance of reaching potential customers with your brand is probably through online marketing in some form.

Online existence versus online presence

So is it enough to create a LinkedIn profile and a business Facebook account, create a website with your name & logo on it, and leave it at that? Well… not really. That’s only the first step. The next step (and the next step, and the next…) is to show up consistently on those platforms.

People want to be reassured that they can trust you (that you really exist, that you’re still in business, and that you’re not a scam) before they even contact you. 85% of consumers in a 2020 survey did online research about companies, both through social media and through company websites, before they made a purchase.

Consistent posts and updates build trust

Putting the time in on social media and your website can help you build that trust. An active social media account or a recently updated blog reassures people who find your site that you’re really there.

A great way to generate content that builds trust is periodically introducing yourself, your team members, and/or your staff, to your customers and potential customers. Who are you personally? Show your face! Talk about personal interests that intersect with your brand values. Doing this every so often lets people know you’re paying attention to your business.

Online presence—with pictures!

Photos are a big part of social media posting. Maybe you want to share a positive customer comment about a team member. Maybe it’s photos of your new product line or your updated studio. And maybe it’s you! Are you and your team members not thrilled about showing your faces on your website and social media? Having a professional headshot that you’re proud to share can give you the boost you need to get excited about it.

Showing up consistently for your current and potential clients is one of the most important steps you can take to build your online presence. Let us make it easier for you with a business headshot!

Professional realtor headshot by Berks Headshots.

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