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August 12, 2022
Team photo

Trying to get a staff photo always seems to bring a feeling of dread to everyone involved. Most people don’t enjoy having their picture taken, and getting everyone to look good (and feel good about how they look) in the same photo is a daunting task. And then there’s the question of where to take the picture. Outside, where everyone is squinting in the sun? But there’s no room big enough inside, except the storage room which is just ugly.

Composite staff photos are the answer!

The process is simple—everyone gets in front of the camera all by themselves, and then the photographer puts all the individual images together in Photoshop and creates one coherent, natural-looking group! Whether you are looking for multiple separate groupings or one giant company photo, the easiest way to do it is one at a time! Another advantage is that if a person needs to be in multiple photos (say, the office manager needs to be in the photo of the office staff and in a photo with the CEO and CFO as well), the person only needs to step in front of the camera once! Multiple poses can be captured at that time, and the different groupings are created later. Sound easy? It is!

Photos on location with a studio brought to you

Berks Headshots specializes in creating composite staff photos for all size groups. And the best part is, you don’t have to have a beautiful space, beautiful lighting, or even a blank wall—we can bring our professional studio equipment to your space.

A painless staff photo really can happen

You can choose to have each staff member select their own favorite image of themselves, so they will each be thrilled with the final group picture, or our professional team of photographers and designers will choose the best images—either way, the final product is a step above the normal group photo.

plumbing company executive staff photo
Essig plumbing and heating staff photo of technicians

Interested in updating your staff photo?

Check out our staff photo information to find out which of our options might be a fit for your team, or contact us with additional questions.

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