“My New Headshot Got Me More Clients”

October 7, 2022
Client Testimonial Quote: My New Headshot Got Me More Clients

At Berks Headshots, we love hearing the stories of how our clients got where they are now, and how we were able to help them grow their businesses. Recently, we had a referral from a client from last year, and we got to hear about how his business is growing. We asked Tremayne if we could share his story, and how his new headshot from Berks Headshots helped him in his business.

Headshots provide a Better View!

Guest post by Berks Headshots client Tremayne Jones of BetterviewCounseling.com

I always thought that the current model of mental health treatment was antiquated. We live in a technology-driven society, and we counselors don’t leverage technology enough to provide more efficient treatment and accessibility to those needing mental health services. I was tired of complaining about this and decided to do something.

When I decided to leave my current job and start my own counseling practice, I really didn’t know where to start. I knew I had to get my name and image out there to potential clients. In the world of therapy, clients must have a connection to their therapist for therapy to have an impact. The first interaction a client has with a potential therapist is their headshot. The only problem is, I didn’t have one.

I simply Googled “headshots near me” and looked at the work of the photographers on the first few pages. Berks Headshots stood out to me immediately because their pictures were crisp and inviting, and I was able to book online! The process was seamless, and by the next Friday, I had my beautiful headshots. Many clients have told me that my headshot was very inviting and the sole reason for choosing me as their therapist. (They were in luck; I also happen to be an excellent therapist!)

Many clients have told me that my headshot was very inviting and the sole reason for choosing me as their therapist.

When it came time to hire my psychologist, his photo was less than inviting. I gave him the information to Berks Headshots, and now he has an amazing headshot to go with his amazing credentials as a psychologist.

Presentation is everything in this business, and it starts with your professional headshot!

Berks County counselor uses his new headshot to convey a friendly and inviting message.
Berks County counselor's headshot with a friendly smile.
Berks County counselor's headshot
Berks County counselor's new headshot
Berks County counselor's friendly new headshot

Thanks for the kind words, Tremayne! This is exactly what we love about this business.

Are you looking for a new headshot that will help you truly convey what you are about in your business? We’d love to help you too! Check out our session information page or contact us for more information.

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