Creative Headshot Use! Outdoor Advertising

September 15, 2022
Outdoor advertising is a great creative use of a headshot. Conor placed his headshot on a bench.

What comes to mind when you think of uses for your headshot? Probably your website and social media, or maybe a business card or other printed collateral. If you’re thinking in terms of creative headshot placement, outdoor advertising in an unexpected location is a great idea.

Conor came into the studio for his headshot earlier this year along with the rest of his team at Lindo Realty. We got some great shots, and put together a composite team photo for them. We’ve gotten to see some of their photos in use on their social media, but it was a fun surprise to catch sight of Conor’s face on a bench!

Outdoor advertising is a strategy that has held its own in the marketing arena for over a century. It has a more extensive reach than online advertising. Both digital and traditional outdoor signage draws viewers’ attention from phones, and cannot be skipped or blocked, unlike ads online. It’s particularly good for promoting your product in specific geographic areas, which makes it a great strategy for realtors and other businesses that primarily rely on acquiring local clients.

Conor's headshot by Berks Headshots.
Outdoor advertising is part of Conor's strategy for standing out!

We love seeing our clients’ headshots when we’re out and about! What creative ways have you used your headshot? Let us know so we can feature your efforts on our blog!

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