Face Value: How Showing Up Online Can Boost Your Business

June 3, 2022
Professional headshots add value to your online presence.

What’s the value of a headshot? Is it just for sticking up on the wall in the waiting room? Do you only need one if you are going to be featured in an industry publication, or receive an award from your company?

Show up online personally

As business owners, we are constantly told that it’s important to have an online presence. But that just means having a website and a logo and some industry-appropriate design, right? Well, that’s great stuff for sure, but maybe that’s not quite enough.

Use your headshot to connect you as a person to your online content

Beatriz Carannante, a Realtor with ReMax, shares tips on her Instagram feed that are helpful to her audience. Potential customers can get to know her as an expert in her field because she is sharing valuable information. Using her photo in the graphic along with the tips she is giving means that the value she is bringing is directly connected with her. Potential customers might see the tip come across their feed and be inspired.

But, what connects that inspiration with Beatriz is her photo. Without her photo, they may see the information in their feed and quickly scroll by without noticing who shared the tips. The photo at the top makes it feel like a friendly conversation, which builds trust.

Beatriz's personal branding using her professional headshots increases her visibility online.
Beatriz's professional headshots are a personal branding tool she uses to connect her face to her online content.

Building trust boosts the value of your product or service

As our online interactions become increasingly automated, from the customer service bot that answers your questions about a product to AI-written news articles, people feel better when they know they are dealing with a real person. Connecting your face with your online content boosts the value of your brand immediately. It allows people to get to know the human behind the brand.

If you’re ready to take your online presence up a notch by showing up personally with your brand content, contact us! We’ll help you get started by creating a great headshot that you’ll be happy to share.

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