Celebrate your team! Employee recognition social posts

June 14, 2024
Celebrate your team! Employee recognition social posts

When you have staff members that go above and beyond, you want to let them and others know how much you appreciate them. Some companies have an Employee of the Month program. Others recognize the dedication of their staff in less formal ways. Sometimes employee recognition is internal, motivating and encouraging to your staff. Sometimes a great accomplishment warrants letting the world know how amazing your employee is.

Whatever the circumstances, creating social posts that recognize your employees is a great way to let people know you appreciate your staff.

Employee recognition social post ideas

Here’s an example of an occasion you might use to recognize your faithful employees: work-anniversaries! You get the chance to celebrate your employee and let them know how much you appreciate their service. It also makes a great social post because it’s an opportunity to let potential clients know that you have experienced and knowledgeable employees.

Screenshot of a LinkedIn post recognizing the long service of employees that includes headshots of the employees mentioned.
“We are proud to celebrate some SERIOUS work-anniversaries this summer! Join us in thanking these familiar faces for their many years of outstanding service to Essig, our customers, and our community! Joe Wolf, 12 years; Darrin Erb, 13 years; Thomas Naiberk, 14 years; Phil Smith, 16 years; Joel Matetich, 21 years

Employee recognition made easier with headshots

Having employee headshots on hand makes it easy to create this type of content. You can celebrate your employees as they reach career milestones. You can mention them when they receive positive feedback from customers. Whether you post it on social platforms, blog about it on your website, or include it in your internal newsletter, it’s better with a current photo.

Your employees will be proud to be recognized by you. If they have a professional headshot that they love, even better—they won’t complain about their photo being displayed.

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