Why Is my LinkedIn Profile Pic Blurry?

May 24, 2024
Why is my LinkedIn profile pic blurry? When and how to resize photos for social media.

You finally did it—you got your headshot updated, and you’re ready to upload it as your profile pic on social media sites. But when you upload your shiny new high-quality headshot image to your LinkedIn profile, it looks all blurry! What happened?

Your image may be TOO high-quality!

Social Media Image Sizing

Having a high-resolution digital image is necessary in order to use it for many different applications. In particular, if you are printing it, you need it to be big enough to print clearly at any size. However, in some circumstances, simply uploading your image at the highest quality may actually result in a poor-quality image once the social site’s compression gets through with it.

Having the wrong size image is the number one source of blurry and poor-quality images online. In many cases people are trying to use an image that’s too small with too low resolution, but a too-big image can be a problem too. Resizing and cropping your images to the right dimensions before you upload them is the easiest solution—easier than you might think with readily available and free online tools.

How to Get the Right Size LinkedIn Profile Pic

A search for “resizing photos for social media” will yield pages of results, and most of these are easy to use. We recommend Landscape by Sprout Social as a great resource. It has the dimensions of every type of image you could need for every social platform: all you do is choose the platform and the type of post, and download your resized images. You don’t even need to create an account like some sites make you do.

A comparison of an image uploaded at full size to a LinkedIn profile pic, which appears blurry, and an image resized before uploading, which appears clear and sharp.

Mistakes in image sizing may keep your business social profile from seeming completely professional. Whether you got your headshot taken professionally or created a high-quality DIY headshot, you made the investment. Don’t let your investment go to waste!

Proper image sizing is important for all your social posts. This is especially true because visuals are such an important part of social posting. Research shows people are much more likely to engage with social content that has visuals. Maintaining an appropriate level of quality with your social photos helps drive engagement with your content.

When you get a headshot from Berks Headshots, we can provide you with resized graphics to fit different applications, so you don’t have to worry about blurry profile pics. Schedule your headshot session today!

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