3 Reasons Why You Should Consider Professional Makeup for Your Headshot

June 9, 2023
Should you get professional makeup for your headshot?

Everyone wants to look their best in photos. The photographer is responsible for a lot of the things that help with getting your best look: proper lighting, guidance and coaching in posing and expression, and retouching the finished product. There are a few things that rest on the person being photographed: clothing and makeup. Your photographer should be able to provide you with guidance on what to wear (you can check out some of our top tips here and here). When it comes to makeup, though, is your daily makeup enough? Do you need professional makeup for your headshot? What if you don’t normally wear any makeup?

How much is enough when it comes to makeup for your headshot?

If you wear minimal or no makeup in your daily life, you might think you don’t need any for your headshot either. And it’s true that “less is more” when it comes to makeup for photos—you want to maintain a natural look, and you want your photo to be true-to-life.

The interesting thing about photos is that what seems like too much in real life is usually just right in your headshot photo.

The reason is, in real life, we are used to seeing in three dimensions, but the camera flattens you into 2-D. Some extra definition in your face is a big help. As Megan DiPiero says in her camera-ready makeup tips, “If you look in the mirror and say: ‘Whoa. That’s a bit much,’ it’s probably perfect!”

You can definitely do your own makeup for your headshots, and pro makeup artist Corinna Cook has some great advice on what to apply and how to apply it for best photo results. In general, the advice is, keep it natural, but a little heavier than normal. The distinction between “light” makeup and “natural look” makeup means you may need more than you think. But don’t put it on so heavily that it starts to distract from your features.

Seem like a complicated balance? That’s why pro makeup artists exist!

Professional makeup for headshots
Professional makeup for headshots
Professional makeup for headshot photo session
Natural-looking makeup for your headshot

Berks Headshots works with several experienced artists to provide makeup for your headshot if you are interested. The artist will meet you at the studio before the sessions and make sure you are looking “like yourself on your best day.” Just let us know that you’re interested in makeup when you schedule using our easy-to-use online booking process, and we’ll help set it up!

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