Staff Headshots at Tower Behavioral Health | Custom Background

June 16, 2023
Staff Headshots for Tower Behavioral Health

Berks Headshots recently had the opportunity to work with Tower Behavioral Health to create headshots for their new hires. We’ve worked with TBH for years and it’s always fun to meet new staff members there. We packed up our mobile studio and headed to their location, where we set up in one of their gyms.

Guided headshot posing & image selection for each team member at Tower Behavioral Health

We had eight people to photograph. Each person came to the conference room at their time slot. Each got a set of photos taken by Jennifer, our head photographer, with various poses and expressions. Then they chose their favorite one, with help from Crystal, our selection assistant. And that’s it! Because TBH chose our on-location option, each person only lost about 15 minutes out of their day for the photoshoot, and each person got a photo they were completely happy with.

Photo Editing and Background Removal for the TBH staff photos

Back a the studio, we take everyone’s headshot to the next level with professional headshot retouching. For TBH, we also provide a custom background. So, another step in the retouching process is to remove the gray background we photographed them against. We provide both the gray background for their uses, and also a custom background showing their building.

Digital Background Replacement: Tower Behavioral Health’s tower as the background for their professional headshots

Ahead of their team photoshoot, we chose a day with beautiful light to photograph the façade of their building. TBH uses images with their recognizable architecture in the background. We keep a set of the building photos we took from various angles on file to use as backgrounds for them. If we tried to photograph their team outside each time we did a shoot for them it would cause a few problems:

  1. Shooting outdoors would mean that we would need to reschedule if weather does not cooperate. This is tough when coordinating a team’s worth of schedules!
  2. We would also be competing with the elements outdoors, which makes it difficult to keep everyone’s hair and attire in place.
  3. Plus, imagine if one person joins the team a month later and needs a headshot. With this method of digitally replacing the background, they can send that person to our studio where we can create a photo with the same studio lighting and digitally put in one of their building backgrounds. This means that each new hire gets a matching headshot that is consistent with the rest of the team!

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