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September 29, 2023
Website about page photo update: Before & after

Having high quality photos on your business’ website is a must, and that applies to your “About Us” page as well. Headshots of yourself and your employees on your website’s about page are a great way to get people familiar with who you are before they even come into your brick-and-mortar location. For a service like massage therapy, it’s an especially great way to allow people to become comfortable with you before even meeting you in person.

A studio headshot goes a long way in creating trust. It assures potential clients that you care about maintaining professionalism. And the guidance in posing and facial expression given by an experienced photographer can help you convey exactly the message you are aiming for.

Tiffany has been working as a massage therapist for several years, and she recently came to the Berks Headshots studio for a photo for the About page of her website. Since massage therapy is such a personal service, the company recognized the value of having headshots of its personnel available to clients.

Tiffany previously had used a phone selfie as her photo, but it was time to take the step to update to a professional photo. Her new photo shows both her confidence and her approachability, necessary attributes in her industry. The professional lighting and studio background allow her face to be shown naturally and without distractions.

before and after of staff photos on a website for massage therapists
Massage therapist Tiffany looks great in her updated headshot by Berks Headshots. She is on a grey background wearing a black shirt and smiling.

Is it time for you to take the step and update your selfie to a professional studio headshot? The staff at Berks Headshots have over a decade of experience creating photos that help people show up & shine. Book your session today!

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