Building Trust: Why a Human Face Is Still Needed in Your Digital Marketing Strategy

February 17, 2023
Building trust by putting a human face on your digital marketing is important in the relationship economy.

Have you heard the phrase “relationship economy”? It was coined in the 2000’s to describe current marketing trends, but it’s the oldest, and probably the most effective, sales strategy there is. Here at the studio, we often use the phrase “People buy from people.” Approaching your digital marketing from this perspective is a strong strategy.

There are various reasons why a human-based, relational attitude is important, but there’s no question that it is important. A report by Deloitte (2019) showed companies that focus on the human experience are twice as likely to outperform their peers in revenue growth over a three-year period and have 17 times faster growth than those who do not.

While technology allows us more and more convenient ways to communicate, customers and potential customers want assurance that they are dealing with real people. It’s important that they feel a level of trust in companies with whom they interact. “Even in digital channels, ensuring that all interactions with customers are as ‘humanized’ as possible is critical, particularly during turbulent times when people need to feel listened to,” said Andrew Stephen, Deputy Dean & L’Oréal Professor of Marketing at the Saïd Business School, University of Oxford, in a 2022 study.

Including a headshot in your digital marketing is a great way to generate trust, especially for a local business. When customers see your face online, they create a connection. When they meet you in person and you look like your headshot, you’ve added a level of trust that you are who you project in your online presence. The team at this Leesport, PA, insurance agency, featured below, posts their headshots on their website, so their customers can connect faces with names and feel more at ease as they interact with them.

Professional headshot of a Reading, PA businesswoman.
Professional headshot of a Reading, PA businessman in a suit.

To drive sales growth and repeat business, everything comes down to understanding then implementing one strategy: marketing builds relationships, relationships establish trust, and trust equals sales.

People buy from people. Relationships sell; broadcasts don’t. You can phrase it many ways, but the point is that even when you truly have the best product and the most experience, it’s hard to sell it without creating a genuine dialogue with people. It’s the hardest and most time-consuming part of marketing, whether it’s digital marketing or print media or in-person sales. But it’s also the most beneficial piece.

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