Headshot Photos in Use | Janna Kolar, Lebanon County Real Estate Agent

May 5, 2023
Headshots in use: Janna Kolar, Lebanon County Real Estate Agent

Janna Kolar is a real estate agent based in the Lebanon, PA area. She came into the studio for a headshot last year and purchased a set of images. She got one fully retouched image for use on her business card, as well as a library of images with basic retouching so she would have a variety of images to use in different applications.

Having a set of varied headshot photos is helpful especially in today’s digital world where there are so many places to use your headshot. Janna’s headshots show a variety of poses and expressions. She chose a few different outfits and backgrounds as well. The different photos still convey a unified expression of who Janna is as a real estate agent: professional and knowledgeable, and also friendly and approachable.

Janna used her headshot on her business card (you can see it below, with the kind thank-you note she sent us). It’s a great traditional use of a headshot that helps people connect your information with your face, especially after meeting you in person for the first time. People connect with imagery, and having a fresh, modern headshot helps keep the card from being a cliché. Use it at networking events to jog the memories of people you meet, or, like Janna, send it in the mail with your business materials and a personal note.

Janna got one fully retouched headshot to use on her business card.
Janna got a library of images so she can use different ones for different situations.
Janna Kolar sent us her new business card with her headshot on it, and a kind thank you note.

Thanks for the kind words, Janna! It was great to create these photos for you to help your business succeed.

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