A Stress-free Headshot Experience | Phil Macaronis

February 3, 2023

We got in touch with one of our recent clients, a Reading, PA realtor who came into our studio for a headshot session. He told us about procrastinating on getting an updated headshot, about the importance of a professional-looking headshot, and his stress-free headshot experience. We’re sharing his words here—and his great-looking headshots!

Phil is a knowledgeable and experienced realtor with ReMax of Reading. He has been helping clients find their dream home for many years. It was a pleasure working with him.

Berks Headshots: What prompted you to get a headshot?

Phil: It’s been about 8-10 years since my last headshot, and I’ve changed a bit, so I wanted a photo more representative of my look now.

BH: What was your biggest challenge prior to booking?

P: Deciding to make the effort to get a new headshot: I knew I should get a new headshot but needed motivation!

BH: What changed after your experience with Berks Headshots?

P: What changed? Ha! My new look—my old headshot was a bit dated; this gave me the opportunity to update my image to the public.

BH: What would you say to somebody on the fence about booking with Berks Headshots?

P: Definitely do it! The headshot is what people first see about you, and they make an immediate judgement. Have a good presentation to the public.

BH: Why did you choose Berks Headshots over using a selfie?

P: Never use a selfie if you want to be taken seriously in your profession. Your headshot is the image you put out to the public. That’s what they see and they make a decision to use you or not because of your image—make it a good one.

BH: Anything else to add?

P: I was impressed with the ease of making the appointment. The actual shoot itself was really friendly and with no stress at all. The payment process and the follow-up is really professional. Berks Headshots does it right! Professional and friendly all the way through!

Posing guidance and discussion of what I wanted to portray was spot on. Nothing was missing except she couldn’t make me look 40 years younger or handsome. 😂

Thanks for the kind words, Phil! We loved seeing your new headshot on your website! At Berks Headshots, we strive to create a stress-free headshot experience for every client, from scheduling to the photo session itself to image delivery.

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