Show Up Authentically | Getting Professional Headshots with Personality

February 10, 2023
Headshots with personality that still look professional are a Berks Headshots studio specialty!

Do you dread getting a bland, drab corporate-looking headshot? Or maybe you’re sticking with your fun selfie in your business marketing because you know the value of showing up authentically to potential clients. A professional headshot doesn’t have to look boring!

Nehemiah‘s Reading, PA, realty team came to the studio for individual headshots and a team photo. It was a lot of fun, as you can see!

This headshot is a favorite in the Berks Headshots portfolio. We loved seeing it on a billboard! It’s a great example of the nuances that a professional headshot can convey. There’s no question Nehemiah is a professional, but his friendliness and approachability is evident as well.

Authenticity is important, and a fun selfie seems like a great way to show the real you. It’s true that your clients are looking for someone approachable and human, especially as automated responses take over more functions of business interaction. But they are also looking for someone they can trust—someone with experience who can accomplish what they say they can. Professional headshots with personality show both of those aspects. At Berks Headshots, we can help you get the best of both worlds – a professional photo that showcases your personality and professionalism.

Nehemiah's before and after: headshots with personality, done professionally.
Professional headshot photos don't have to be boring, as Nehemiah demonstrates here!

It’s easy to get a great headshot that shows the real you and still looks professional when you have an experienced photographer. Your photographer should be able to coach you in posing and facial expression to create natural-looking but professional headshots with personality.

Berks Headshots photographers have over a decade of experience photographing people! We love being able to support businesses and entrepreneurs in the greater Reading, PA, area! If you could benefit from a headshot that expresses both professionalism and authenticity, contact us today!

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