Grow your Group Photo over time without the hassle

January 7, 2022

Jennifer Stork

"Getting a great headshot is easier than you think. I'm here to help."
Group photo of company

Group Photos don’t have to be a hassle

Have you ever taken a group photo of your team, only to hire someone else the next month? Or what about the time that you finally got the group photo and then the next week got a notification that one of them was moving to Florida? It doesn’t have to be such a hassle

Your team’s group photo can grow with your team

Instead of doing a traditional group shot where everyone has to be there at one time, digital advances allow us to take a photo of each person individually and then composite them into a final group shot. This means that as your team goes so can your photo…without everyone having to take the time out of their busy schedules to get it done.

Save time & money by adding members one at a time to your group photo

The next time a new hire starts, you can have their photo taken and then added to your group shot. If you had a group of 5 that is now a group of 6, only ONE person has to go have their photo taken. The other 5 don’t have to disrupt their busy schedules, and you still end up with a group shot that shows the whole team.

Go Jeremiah Lindo Realty team! Check out the growth in their group over a few months!

Want to get a group photo that grows over time with your team? Call us today to learn more at 610-488-5501

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