Making the Most of Your First Impression Online

June 23, 2023
LinkedIn Profile Photo Update Before & After

At Berks Headshots, we are all about connection. We firmly believe all the business clichés—”people do business with people” and “build your know-like-trust factor” and the like—because we’ve seen time and again that they describe real life.

It may not surprise you to know that one of our favorite ways to help people connect is through their online digital presence. Whether through a website or social media channels, we as businesses small and large have a wider reach than ever before. LinkedIn can be a great resource for making connections for professionals. That’s why making a first impression with a profile photo that represents the real you is so important.

We had the opportunity to help Lisa update her profile photo earlier this year. She got a gorgeous gallery of dramatic black-on-black photos that show a very professional businesswoman with a friendly and approachable side.

Before and after a professional LinkedIn photo update
Lisa Giles' updated headshot on a dramatic black background.

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