Getting Staff Photos Everyone Likes Is Possible!

June 30, 2023
Get Staff Headshots Everyone Loves

Anyone who’s ever tried to organize a group photo, whether a casual shot of family members, or a more formal pose to be used on a company website, knows it can be a chore. Many people don’t like being photographed, which can make the process stressful both for them and for the organizer. And then there’s the trouble of getting a photo where everyone in the group is happy with their appearance. The more people there are in the group, the harder it is—especially if that one person has their eyes closed in every photo but one—you know who you are, eye closers!

Berks Headshots’ primary value as a company is that we see human beings as individuals with inherent value. Thus we want to promote human connections as much as possible. We want you to connect with your clients, present and potential. We also want to grow the human connections within your company. To that end, we have tools in our toolbox to make things easier for you as you prepare for your staff photos—to minimize stress and create a great experience as well as a quality, expressive photo.

We make sure each person gets a photo they love.

Whether you are getting headshots or a group photo, or both, we coach each person individually on posing and expression. We’ve been creating portraits for over a decade. Our experienced photographer will guide you throughout the session. We maintain a cohesive style and make sure your company standards are followed. Each person then reviews their photos and chooses the one they like best.

We assemble group photos from photos of individuals.

There are several advantages to this approach. As we mentioned above, everyone gets to review their photos to make sure they are happy with the results. Also, if it’s too difficult to schedule everyone to be there at the right time, or someone gets sick the day of the session, we can add them in later! They simply schedule an appointment at our studio and we will add their individual photo into the group composite.

We take care of future headshot needs.

Whether updates or new hires, we maintain your company headshots requirements on file. If you need a custom background, we make sure it looks great in every photo. We provide the same level of quality and expertise each time you need to add someone to your team. Our company headshot program, LINK, even makes scheduling a breeze.

Composite photo of real estate staff on a white background.
Individual headshots of a team of real estate agents on grey background.

If you’re looking for a way for make staff photos better, and easier for yourself and your team, check out what Berks Headshots offers for staff headshots. We want to help you connect with your audience as well as your team!

Get Your Photos Done!

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