LinkedIn Business Profile Pic Update

March 10, 2023
Update Your Business Profile Pic

Tiffany, a vice president with Lincoln Financial Group, knew she needed to be consistent in showing up online. She recognized the value of putting a human face to your brand, especially within an area of business that requires a lot of trust from its clients. However, she disliked her previous professional headshot because it looked awkward and artificially posed. So, instead, she was using a candid photo as her LinkedIn profile photo. It was a more natural and pleasant expression, but didn’t really have the professional look needed for a business profile pic.

So Tiffany came into the Berks Headshots studio for an updated headshot. Jennifer, our head photographer, guided her through different poses and expressions. Tiffany chose all the images she loved and now has a library of headshots to meet the needs of different occasions and spaces: in her LinkedIn profile, on her company website, as well as internal company uses.

Tiffany's "before" business profile pic is a candid; after getting a professional headshot, her confidence and professionalism shine along with her approachability and friendliness.
Tiffany's business profile pic is professional and approachable.
Tiffany got a gallery of headshot images to use as her profile pic, as well as in her company's internal communications.
Tiffany's gallery of headshots give her a variety of images to use in various places as her business profile pic.

Is it time for you to update your business profile pic?

Whether you’re an entrepreneur running your own small business or an exec of a big company, having a library of headshots you love to use in your social media makes maintaining your online presence much easier.

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