LinkedIn Profile Photo Before & After

September 8, 2023
LInkedIn profile photo before and after

Let recruiters, employers, and all your connections know that you mean business with a high-quality LinkedIn profile photo!

Are you applying for a new position? Want to break the ceiling on your current career? Your photo on LinkedIn puts a face to your name and a real person to the résumé in the hands of those considering you for the spot.

This client’s before photo is in come ways not that different from their updated photo. In both, she looks both business-like and approachable. She’s clearly a professional. But in the old photo, there’s a lot going on in the background. In fact, at the small size of a LinkedIn profile photo, she gets a little lost in the different textures.

LinkedIn profile photo before and after

The client’s updated headshot has a clean, modern look with no distracting background. We are immediately drawn into the photo with her warm expression. Her clothes and accessories express professionalism but are understated and leave all the attention on her face. Perfect for a headshot!

Gabriela's updated headshot for her LinkedIn profile photo  gives a clean, modern vibe with a plain grey background and bright, even lighting.

Your headshot photo should be clearly about you! If you could use a headshot photo update to use on LinkedIn, book a session at Berks Headshots today!

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