DIY Headshot: What you need to look for in your background

July 10, 2020
DIY Headshot Background Tip

Wait! Stop! Before you grab that DIY Headshot of yourself, do a 180. That’s right, turn around and consider what’s behind you. The right background can help make your headshot successful, but the wrong one can be a huge distraction.

NOTE: All photos and videos in this post were taken with my iPhone, and no editing was done to them, which means you can do this too!

Bright Windows: Do’s and Don’ts

If you saw the post on DIY Headshot Lighting Tips, you know that a window can be an asset for lighting your face. When it comes to having a bright window in the background; however, it can fool your camera/phone. The same goes for a really bright wall or screen.

If the camera senses all that bright light, it will try to tone it down by making the image darker…but that means that your face will get darker too. If you end up with a silhouette instead of that great headshot that shows off your face, here are two ways you can fix it. #1 turn the flash to “on” in your camera app. #2 rotate so that the bright background is in front of you instead of behind. Watch the video to see this demonstrated!

Headshot Background: What is that behind you?

Objects in the background are part of your image, even if they are really far behind you. Take a look behind you and consider not only WHAT is behind you, but HOW it is positioned in relation to your head. See how the tree appears to be growing out of my head in the photo on the left? By simply repositioning, I still have trees in the background, but they are now complementing the image rather than causing a distraction.

Are the colors back there right for your headshot?

Colors can make or break an image. Consider the color behind you (the background color) in relation to both your clothing and your brand. Is the color of your background going to compliment your branding and look great on your website and business card? Does it clash with your outfit?

How far away is the background?

The further you are from the background, the blurrier it will become (which can be a huge plus!) Check out the way the blocks on the left are distracting because of how much detail and texture are captured. In comparison, walking about 10 feet away from the wall, it creates a patterned, but out-of-focus background that is a smoother, less distracting backdrop for the image.

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