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There is a lot that goes into building your “know, like, trust” (or KLT) factor. You want people to trust that you understand their pain points and that you are the expert who can help. People need to feel that you truly care about their needs.

One of the biggest aspects of KLT is authenticity.

People want to see you, and they want to be sure what they see is the real, authentic you. Especially in the context of social profiles and online business, a sense of authenticity has a lot of weight. People don’t buy from logos, they buy from faces!

So how can you show up authentically online?

Again, there is a lot that goes into authenticity. Being active on your social media channels using your genuine voice is one way. Think about how your professional persona and who you are with family and friends line up. Is there a big disconnect? Maybe you need to try sharing more of your personality and values. After all, part of what you bring to the table is your unique combination of know-how, experience, and personality.

A simple step is your headshot.

Whether on your business website or your social profiles, a professional headshot that expresses your personality makes a great first impression. An expert headshot photographer can guide you in posing and expression so that your photo not only is visually pleasing but shows the authentic you.

Contact us to find out more about how the experts as Berks Headshots can help you take that step towards building your KLT factor!

Headshot of a business man in front of a wooden door by Berks Headshots.