Update your LinkedIn Profile Photo Now

July 15, 2022
Update your LinkedIn profile photo Now

What do we want? Trustworthiness, approachability, and expertise! And when do we want it? Now! Does your LinkedIn profile photo check all the boxes for the professionalism you want to convey?

Janna‘s profile photo is a great example of the difference a professional headshot can make in your online presence. Her original LinkedIn profile photo was great—a fun and friendly selfie, it definitely hit the approachability button. But what about the rest of what she wanted to convey?

Her new photos have a more nuanced look—just as friendly, but with added layers of professionalism and confidence.

Before and after LinkedIn profile photos of a Berks County realtor.
Professional headshot for a Berks County realtor updating her LinkedIn profile photo.

Are you using a fun selfie for your business photo? It’s never too late to update your online presence with a professional headshot! Contact Berks Headshots to find out more about how we can help you!

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