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Are you proud to share your headshot on your website and social media?

Most of us hate looking at photos of ourselves, and we dread headshots and portraits. We shy away from sharing images of ourselves, even though we know showing your face online is a great way to build your “know-like-trust” factor. But what if you had a headshot you actually liked?

A professional headshot you love can help build your confidence in your online presence

Getting a successful headshot has a few ingredients: professional guidance on posing and expression, professional lighting and touchup, and a relaxed, confident you. When you feel comfortable in front of the camera rather than nervous or worried, you portray authenticity and approachability.

Headshot photo of businesswoman smiling.

Professional Realtor showing up and promoting her business with her headshots

Gabriella came to the studio for headshots to use in her realty business. She got more than one to have a variety on hand. Within a few weeks, we saw her using them in her Instagram feed four times. Go Gabriella! Get inspiration from some examples from her Instagram feed below. Follow her on Instagram @realtor.gabriella

Headshots are helping her grow her business

Gabriella is putting her investment in headshots to work for her. She is showing up in front of her audience, and her headshots are helping her connect on a human level. Gabriella is not just a business on her social feeds – she is a person that potential customers can relate to and connect with because she is putting her face to her name and her brand.

Woman's headshot in use on her Facebook page.
Woman's headshot in use on her Facebook page.
Woman's headshot in use on her Instagram feed

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