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Have you been using the same headshot for a while? (Do you know how long it’s really been since the last time you got a headshot?) It’s easy to forget about updating your headshot because, after all, you probably look enough like your old one that it’s good enough, right?

Maybe not. Using an out-of-date headshot may be a matter of “good enough” to you, but it could be off-putting to a potential client. People may get the impression that you are outdated, that you are neglecting your branding, or even that you are hiding behind the image of youth. When consumers meet the real, older you, they may feel as though they have been misled and doubt your abilities to help them.

Getting a new headshot every two years is a good rule of thumb for keeping an updated photo. Additionally, if you’ve made changes to your appearance like getting glasses (or getting rid of them), or getting a totally new hairstyle or color, you should consider an update.

Headshot of a businesswoman by Berks Headshots

Update Your Headshot

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