Update Your LinkedIn Business Profile Photo

June 10, 2022
Professional headshot used as LinkedIn business profile photo before and after getting a professional headshot by Berks Headshots.

What does your profile photo say about you?

Hopefully, your business profile photos of yourself on your website and social media express your professional demeanor, maybe your approachability and friendliness, maybe your trustworthiness, or maybe your no-nonsense attitude. It can be difficult to convey a nuanced image in a photo, but it can definitely be done.

I don’t have time to get a professional photo taken. How about using a selfie?

Using a selfie is pretty common, but it makes it that much harder to express your professionalism and your business know-how. Selfies and snapshots are great for personal social media, but unless you put as much effort into taking them as the pros do, they might not say what you want to say on your LinkedIn profile or your business website.

Check out Michelle’s before & after LinkedIn profile photos

Michelle’s original business profile photo had a friendly expression, a plain, non-distracting background, and neutral-colored clothing—as far as selfie headshots go, this one is on the right track! But when it’s set alongside her new headshot, the difference is clear. In her new photo, she exudes a confident friendliness, and her professionalism is evident right away.

Woman's business profile photo by Berks Headshots.

Are you using a selfie for your profile photo? Be sure it is conveying the image you want to communicate. If it feels like it’s missing something, check out our tips on lighting and setting up your DIY headshot! Or contact the experts here at Berks Headshots so we can help you as you work to show up authentically and professionally online.

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