Is It Time to Update Your Headshot?

October 14, 2022
Headshot of professional business woman

How often should you update your headshot? As often as needed! That’s not too helpful, we know. Every two years is typically the suggested frequency for getting a new photo, but there can be other reasons you might need an update sooner.

Why might you need to update your headshot?

  1. “Every two years” is the standard answer for “how often.” This amount of time allows for showing changes in your style of dress or makeup—especially if you tend to be on the cutting edge of fashion. Additionally, it takes into account the aging process—because it’s something we all do, even if we’d rather not show it!
  2. Have you recently changed careers from one industry to another, or from one type of position to another within the same industry? Make sure your headshot reflects your current job both in the attitude conveyed by your expression and in the style of dress.
  3. Have you made a change to your hairstyle or some other visible change that would make you look a lot different in person than you do in your headshot? Consider updating your photo, especially if your clients and potential clients will be seeing both your headshot photo and you in real life.

New Hairstyle = Time for a New Headshot!

Your hair length, style and color can make a huge difference in your appearance! Two of our past clients came back into the Berks Headshots studio this year to update their headshots after hairstyle changes—one with shorter hair and one with longer hair.

Mary's headshot from a year ago showed her longer hair.
Mary’s headshot from a year ago showed her longer hair.
Mary updated her headshot to show her shorter hairstyle.
Mary updated her headshot to show her shorter hairstyle.
Kristin's hair was shorter, and a different color, a year ago.
Kristin’s hair was shorter, and a different color, a year ago.
Kristin updated her headshot since she let her hair grow long.
Kristin updated her headshot now that she has let her hair grow long.

They both had gorgeous headshots that just didn’t look like them anymore. A year or two between headshots might seem like a short amount of time, but keeping your photo updated can be important in making sure the connection between your online presence and yourself in real life seems consistent—even if you really liked your old photo. Making that investment in your business or career is just good marketing.

And a headshot is an investment. Headshot photographer Nataliya Lalor puts it this way:

“A headshot can either say ‘I invest in myself’ and ‘I care about my career,‘  or it can imply that you don’t really care about looking professional online. Either way, your professional image should be exactly what you want it to be and not left up to the chance of misinterpretation.”

Nataliya Lalor

If you’re interested in a headshot update, Berks Headshots can make it happen. We make the process as simple and painless as possible, and we are dedicated to making sure you get a photo you love. Contact us or check out our headshot session information to learn more.

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