How this Berks County Woman is changing Africa

October 2, 2020
Headshot of professional woman in berks county

Women’s studio headshots

This amazing woman came to the studio for a headshot. It is always a pleasure meeting new people, learning more about their life stories and hearing them talk about their passions and adventures! She needed a professional headshot to share on her website and when I asked her about the work she was doing and what message she wanted to convey, I was excited to learn about her initiative.

Impact through a visual story

It all began when she was a pharmacy student. She watched a video showing the struggle of disadvantaged women in Africa giving birth without access to sufficient medical resources. The impact of that video stuck with her, and today she is making a difference for people like the women she saw in that video.

A professional woman with a cause

Her name is Dr. Gloria Aidoo. She founded a nonprofit organization called the Trinity Harold Foundation with health initiatives focused on maternal health, child health & advocacy, surgical outreach, infectious diseases prevention, food & medicine and health worker training.

Love what she’s doing? Want to be part of it? You can support the cause!

Dr. Aidoo's gorgeous new headshot

Black and white headshots for the win!

While most 2020 headshots are being taken and shared in color, Dr. Aidoo’s website called for a Black and White version. You might want to consider it too—a monochromatic version of your headshot can give you a totally different look and can provide a neutral “share it anywhere” option when you need to place it on the backdrop of various marketing materials.

Dr. Aidoo's headshot in a black-and-white version

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