Are headshots for children? Think achievements & Milestones | First Communion Pictures

September 3, 2020
portrait of girl with first communion tiara

Headshots to Commemorate a First Communion

A first communion might not be the first reason that comes to mind to get a headshot, but an up-close, head and shoulders photo that captures them at this stage of their life is priceless. It will allow you to peer into their eyes at this age for years to come in a way that brings back memories. What a great way to celebrate their accomplishment!

Portrait of child with rosary and first communion tiara

First communion pictures are one example of a reason to get a headshot of your child

A close-up photograph is a window into your child’s personality. Whether your child is entering middle school, just lost a few teeth, or is celebrating their 5th birthday…or their first communion…enjoy the moment with a professional photo session. Their portrait will become part of their life story – it will mark the moment in time and remind them that you are proud to be their parent.

first communion prayer book professional studio pictures

Back to school children’s headshots

Another common reason for a professional studio portrait, and a great way to create a timelapse of images, is to get a studio portrait of your child each year at the beginning of the school year. Capture their growth as they move from grade to grade!

Want to schedule a back to school headshot of your child?

first communion pictures with veil and tiara
First communion pictures of a girl in a white dress and tiara.

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