Take your LinkedIn Photo to Pro Level | Before and After

January 14, 2022
professional linkedin profile headshot photo
professional linkedin profile headshot photo

Adam isn’t new to being a business owner. He has been an entrepreneur for over 15 years. Recently, however, his experience and his journey led him to start a new venture, prompting the need for a new headshot.

A Professional LinkedIn Photo Shows You Mean Business

As the owner of his new venture, 23 Property Group, Adam is a property acquisition manager. He needed a professional, up-to-date look to use for his LinkedIn profile and across social media.

LinkedIn isn’t the only place photos can help build your business

Showing up and showing your personality is essential in building trust and connection with your audience. From brochures, blog posts, and social media posts, you can use photos to show more of your personality. Showing your audience more photos will give them a better understanding of who you are and will help them relate.

Ready to update to a professional LinkedIn photo?

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Professional LinkedIn photo with full suit jacket

Get Your Photos Done!

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