When to update your headshot

February 2, 2024
When to update your headshot

Monica came to our Makeup & Headshots event last year to update her professional headshot. It had been some years since her last headshot update, and she had completely changed her hairstyle. Meeting her in person now after seeing her old headshot online, people would not necessarily recognize her. She knew it was time to update her headshot.

It's time to update your headshot when you have a change of hairstyle, or if it's simply been several years since your last headshot.

Even though otherwise you may look fairly similar to your old headshot, your hair is a very noticeable change. Although Monica has the same smile, the same level of makeup, and similar professional clothes in both the old and new photos, the changed hair makes her look totally different.

When should you consider a headshot update?

Typically, every two years is a good amount of time between headshot updates. This helps you keep up with changing fashion and the aging process.

However, if you make a drastic change in your appearance, it might be time to update your headshot sooner. Monica’s online photos now match her in-person appearance. It’s great for being recognized and building trust when she meets clients in person for the first time. She can take part in video calls with clients and co-workers and be recognized immediately because she looks like her headshot.

Another reason it might be time to update your headshot is if you’ve changed employers. If your headshot with your old employer was taken within the last 2 years, you might be able to reuse it. But if your old headshot was used in marketing materials for your old company, you should consider getting a new photo. Additionally, your old headshot may reflect branding or messaging that conflicts with your new company’s brand. Make sure you know what’s expected in your headshot so you can decide if you need a new one.

A headshot photo session might be something you need if you are looking to expand your personal brand with a variety of images. If you are very active online and you use your headshot a lot in social posts and on your website, you will probably want several different images with a cohesive look

Monica changed her hairstyle and knew it was time to update her headshot.

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