FINALLY Get Your Team Photo Done (Like We Did!)

June 24, 2022
Business Team Composite Group Photo by Berks Headshots

Some things just seem to get repeatedly pushed off for later—like team photos. We know because we procrastinated too—and we are the ones always telling you how important it is to show up & shine online! But we finally created our team photo, and it was exactly as painless as we hope to make it for you!

We have a small team, so it would have been fairly easy for us to schedule a time and take a traditional team photo, with the three of us together. But since different people are involved in different aspects of what we do, we thought it would be more convenient for us to have a modular team photo, where we could pick and choose which people we want for different sections of our website, for example.

It was hard to pick what to wear! We have a pretty relaxed team culture. At the same time, we want companies with a more typical corporate culture to know that we are serious about what we do and we will take their projects seriously. We tried some different outfit combinations but ended up going with dressed-up jeans. It’s more casual than what we usually wear on a shoot, but it expresses our vibe. We want potential clients to get a feel for whether we are a fit for them, and we want to be authentic with the image we present.

Business Team Photo by Berks Headshots
Team photo in Berks Headshots studio.

Through the process of creating a composite team photo, we take a photo of each person individually, then digitally extract the person from the background and combine the people together into one photo. We tried a few different poses for each person, to make sure we would fit together in a realistic way. When we shoot bigger groups, we create several grouping options in advance and work with our clients on the day of the shoot to choose a layout that makes the most sense for their team.

We make it so easy to get your team photo that you can finally stop procrastinating and check it off your list, like we did! Contact us to find out more about the options available for our composite team headshots.

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