Is it time to update your company headshots?

December 9, 2022
Update your company headshots to keep a modern look.

Maybe it feels like it hasn’t been that long since your company got headshots. How often does it really need to be, after all, if there hasn’t been much change in personnel? One reason to consider an update to your company headshots is if they are starting to look outdated. Even if you have photos that were taken by a knowledgeable professional, changes in style and look can leave them looking stale.

By nature, photography is about capturing a moment in time. Getting a “timeless” photo, one that will remain current-looking for a long time is hard.

Earlier this year, Berks Headshots created updated headshots for Fraser Advanced Infomation Systems. As you can see in Heather’s photo above and Matt’s below, the last time they got company headshots, the background was a multi-colored studio backdrop that today looks outdated.

Do you really need to update your company headshot?

Using headshot photos that appear outdated makes your company look not quite up-to-date. That doesn’t necessarily mean you need to figure out the latest, trendiest style and go for that. If you work in an industry where stability is more valued than edginess, your updated look may not be extremely different. However, as these before photos show, even fairly neutral and traditional photos will begin to show their age after a time. The rule of thumb is to update your staff’s headshots every two years. Is it time to update your company headshots?

Updated company headshots with a modern feel.

Berks Headshots provides in-studio and on-location headshot photos for teams of all sizes. If your staff needs an update, contact us to find out how we can help!

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