Headshots in Use | Author & Coach Katharina Stuerzl

March 24, 2023
Author & motivational coach Katharina Stuerzl uses her headshots on her website.

We had the joy of having Katharina Stuerzl in our studio at Berks Headshots. We created a set of images for her to use across her website, social media, and other marketing materials. As a coach and consultant, it is important for her audience to feel they can connect with her and her photos tell the story! She is full of positive energy and brilliance. If you are looking to grow your business or upgrade your career, professional photos that show your personality play a big role.

Katharina’s bright clothing and bright smile help to convey her encouraging, positive message. You see her face immediately on her home page when you go to the home page of her website, and right away it tells you a lot about her and what she’s trying to bring into people’s lives.

The home page has a lot of great words, and as business owners we know the effort it can be to write engaging and descriptive words for your website, to really encapsulate what it is you do. However, it can be easy for people to scroll past blocks of text. That’s why Katharina’s use of headshots throughout different parts of her website is so great—it’s eye-catching even for those quickly scrolling through.

Katharina got a set of varied images: multiple outfits, with varied poses and expressions, at different angles. Using these varied photos on her website and social media gives a sense of depth to her personality—like you really are getting to know her.

Author and coach Katharina Stuerzl gives off positive vibes with a brightly colored top and a big smile in this professional headshot.

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