How to Build Brand Confidence With Team Photos

May 29, 2020
team shots by berks headshots in bernville pa

Images play a key part in building the confidence that your audience has (or does not have) in your brand. Today’s world is full of online, visual content that guides opinions…and often leads to decisions. Use team photos to communicate the professionalism and relatability of your team, and it will ramp up the the confidence level of your audience.

WHO is behind what you do?

Let your audience get to know your people. We have all heard the adage “People do business with people they know, like and trust.” Your audience needs a way to start getting to know the PEOPLE on your team.

Professional Team Photos Build Brand Confidence

Whether you are working with a professional photographer for your team photos, or not, consistency is key! Consistency can go a long way to conveying professionalism. Here are a few tips to keep in mind.

Consistent with your brand. Make sure that the background you use and the colors that everyone wears to the shoot look good with your company’s branding—that way the photos will look great on your website, advertisements, and social announcements!

Consistent with one another. Grabbing a selfie from everyone’s Facebook account might be an efficient way to fill in your “meet the team” page, but having a consistent set of team headshots will give the impression that you are a professional team working in harmony.

Consistent Group & Individual Shots. When your individual team headshots and the group shots of your team are consistent, it strengthens the visual identity of your brand across the board.

Relatable Team Photos

Don’t be afraid to add a little fun to the shoot! Team photos give you the opportunity to not only introduce what your team looks like, but to help people get to know your team by showing off a little bit of what they are like.

People are unique. Showing off that uniqueness and letting some personality shine through makes the human side of your company or organization…well…more human! People can relate to REAL people.

You want your audience to know that you take what you do seriously and that you have expertise in your field. But at the end of the day, people connect with people. Giving your audience a sense of who your team is can go a long way to building their confidence and helping them take the next step toward what you offer.

Team headshots for a church in Berks County, PA
CEFC church in Strausstown, PA: We captured team shots that convey the welcoming nature of the church—and got a variety of options so they have a library of images on hand for various purposes.

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