Behind the Scenes: The Photographer’s Headshot

April 10, 2020

Jennifer Stork

"Getting a great headshot is easier than you think. I'm here to help."
Photo session graphic

If you saw my last post, you know that I recently updated my headshot after procrastinating for months. But what you didn’t see…was the behind the scenes. I thought it would be fun to share some of the chaos and laughter that went on in the studio.

It took me awhile to get around to it.

Even though I know how often you should update your headshot, I am like the shoemaker whose children go barefoot. Photos are something I take great joy in doing for others, but I don’t do a good job keeping up with taking or posting photos for myself.

Why I had no excuse…

Like most families today, we are hunkering down at home to isolate due to the coronavirus outbreak. The studio is attached to my home, and business is closed for the time being, so that created the perfect scenario for me to get my headshot done.

I had helpers.

My 3 kids (9 and under) were in the studio with me for the event. Turns out, they make great photographers and I couldn’t help but “smile for the camera” with all the photobombing and silly antics happening around me. Here are some of the outtakes:

9 year old photographer
Can’t help but laugh when my 9-year-old is behind the camera taking my picture while wearing socks on the step stool. Also, he’s got the skills – he has the focusing figured out!
headshot of child taken in berks county studio

He’s like his mom – he would rather be behind the camera. But he let me get a couple shots of him before running away 😉

a photobombing of a headshot session
The youngest is our “sneaky” child. I didn’t know how many times she photobombed until I looked at the set of images afterward  ?
example kids headshot from a pa based photography studio
And this little lady was happy to take a turn in front of the camera too. It was hard to pick a favorite, she is so expressive!

located near Reading, PA

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