Learn how this Small Business is using Professional Team Photos to Boost their Brand!

June 12, 2020
information about team photos for small businesses in Berks County, PA

If you are a small business owner with a team of people behind your brand, there are so many ways that you can use both individual headshots & group shots to showcase your people and connect with your audience.

Small Business running for 28 Years & Counting!

This team from Myerstown Pennsylvania manages WDCS, a family owned cleaning business that has been serving clients in Lebanon, Lancaster, Dauphin, Berks, and York counties since 1992. They have seen the world of marketing evolve over The 28 years that they have been in business.

small business owners serving lebanon county, pa as well berks county, dauphin county and more
Reni and Keith are co-owners of the WDCS cleaning business they founded in 1992

Team Headshots for Online & Print Marketing

WDCS plans to use their individual headshots and the group shots of their team both online and in print. While the focus of most marketing efforts have moved online, there are many ways to use photos of your team in print.

Business Cards with Headshots

The individual headshots are on their business cards. A lot of their business comes through referrals and a business card is a great tool they can give their current clients to pass on to their friends. With the headshot on the card, instead of them just sharing a company, they are sharing the person that they work with. How much more likely would you be to hire someone to come into your home when your friend shows you the smiling face of the person they work with, vs. a logo of a company without a sense of the person that will actually be taking care of you?

consistent headshots of team near berks county for business cards
Headshots are great for business cards!

Tradeshow Banner with Group Shots

When this team came in for their headshots, they had an upcoming trade show. To give an instant visual of who they are and the friendliness of their team, we got a group shot that showed personality. They plan to have it printed as a huge banner to hang at their booth. We had some fun bringing in a few props for this shot. This is a great example of relatable team photos like I wrote about in a recent team headshots post.

team photo for a banner at a tradeshow in Lebanon County, PA
A team shot for their tradeshow banner showcasing the friendly, personable nature of their company
A small business headshot session for this company in the Berks Headshots studio.
Love this behind the scenes moment from their team photo session! Who says getting photos for your small business can’t be fun?

I love collaborating with teams to create photos that build connection and impact—and it is always awesome to see those images in action in all the different ways they are used. Are you ready to have a resource of images on hand for your print and online marketing? Let’s GET STARTED!

Get Your Photos Done!

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