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Composite Group Team Photos for Business Headshots

Getting Your Best Team Photos is Easier than You Think!

We create a composite image made up of individual photos—each team member is photographed individually. No more team photos where that one person has their eyes closed in every photo! No more disagreement about which team photo to use because one person looks their best in the first photo and another person looks their best in the second photo.

Individual Photos + Photoshop Magic = Compsite Team Photos

We highly recommend going with a composite for team photos! With the magic of Photoshop, we take each person’s BEST photo and combine them together to create your group photo. It is a way that you can show each team member they are valued individually, and yet an essential part of the team!

Everyone Looks Their Best in your Team Photo

And your team looks better for it! If you want variations on the team members included in the shot, or different poses or different outfits for some team members, it is easy to do that too.

Dental Team Photo Composite Group Headshot for Business

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