Get motivated & have fun when you book your headshot session with a friend or coworker!

May 12, 2023
Bring a friend to your headshot photo session!

Getting a headshot is something most people don’t look forward to. We know some of you totally dread it. Have you ever considered booking a headshot photo session along with a friend or coworker?

  • Maybe you and your business partner could use some photos for social media—separate headshots for your individual LinkedIn profiles and one or two of you together for your website and social media. Extend your weekly progress meeting and get both of your headshots done.
  • Grab a coworker from your office who also needs a headshot update. After all, you know you aren’t the only one who’s been procrastinating on this!
  • Are you and your spouse in business together? The photos featured in this post are of real estate agents Ralph & Kim, who are married AND a realty team. Or maybe you and your spouse each have separate professional careers that could benefit from an updated headshot. Make it a date and get your photos toge!
  • Schedule your session with a friend, even if they have a completely unrelated career. It’ll be great for laughs and encouragement during the session, and even as accountability to get the session booked in the first place! We know many people don’t enjoy having the camera turned on them, but sometimes it helps to have some moral support.
  • Book a session with Mom or Dad—check something off both of your to-do lists by getting headshots and spend some quality time together. It’s a great opportunity to get a legacy portrait of the two of you together as well!
Kim accessorized her headshot photo session with several pairs of fun glasses, including these polka-dot frames.
Ralph's headshot photo had fun glasses too, with bright blue frames.
Ralph & Kim got a photo of the two of them together since they operate as a realty team.

Getting a professional headshot is just a part of business, but it can be a lot more fun than you think!

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