Custom Graphics with Real Estate Agent Headshots | Canva Tutorial

December 22, 2023
Using your headshot in custom social graphics to market your real estate business is easy with our tutorial!

If you work in real estate sales, you probably already have a headshot. Real estate professionals have always done a great job leveraging the opportunity to create a personal brand that starts with a photo of themselves. We all know it’s still true: even though so many aspects of sales can be automated, in the end people buy from people—especially a big-ticket item like a home or investment property.

You probably have your headshot on your business card. You might have it on yard signs. You might even have it on a billboard! Because, yes, it’s probably true that you don’t reallllly want to see your face that big, it’s a great tool for reaching a lot of people.

Using your headshot online

And of course you probably, in this digital era, have your headshot on a LinkedIn profile, a Facebook Business page, and and Instagram business account.

One smart marketing thing I’ve seen some of our local real estate professionals do is include their headshot not just as their profile photo but also in their posts. They create graphics or use templates to include their headshots in their posts so it shows up again and again in the feeds of people who follow them.

Custom graphics for real estate agent social feeds

Today we’re giving a short video tutorial on using Canva, a free design app, to create this type of custom graphics for yourself. Watch as our Berks Headshots graphic designer, Crystal, walks you through the steps in just a few mintues.

If you missed our tutorial on the basics of creating custom graphics with Canva, you can check that out as well!

Screenshot of real estate agent social post using her headshot.

It’s easier than you think to add this type of post to your marketing toolbox. You’ve invested in a great headshot—don’t let it stay in the background!

If this looks like something you’d like to do, but you need to update your headshot, contact Berks Headshots today! We make it easy to check this off your to-do list.

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